Dimensions w x h x l:77 x 38 x 185 mm
Weight net:0.0 kg
Power supply:230 VAC
Display digits:3
Keyboard: push buttons:6
Sensor input thermostat:NTC/PTC
Sensor input defrost:NTC/PTC
Sensor input for display:NTC/PTC
Sensor input condenser:NTC/PTC
Relay output compressor:20 A
Relay output defrost:8 A
Relay output fan:8 A
Light on/off:8 A
  • DI2 config.
  • Alarm config.
  • Defrost config.
  • Door config.
  • Pressure switch config.
  • Probe config.
  • Hot key/Prog tool kit output
  • Serial output TTL
  • Display with red LED (10,5mm) and icons
  • Multifunction WING BASIC series dedicated to N.T. and L.T. refrigerated applications
  • Innovative and elegant design that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the final product
  • Direct live and neutral load connections for reduction of wiring costs
  • Display with icons and integrated measurement units (L and CX formats)
  • Direct driving of compressors up to 1,2HP (20A relay inside)
  • Direct line power supply. No external transformer required
  • Maximum and minimum temperature recording
  • Energy saving cycle through digital input (L and K formats)
  • Continuous cycle with a dedicated set point (L and K formats)
  • Virtual probe management (L and K formats)
  • 7VA max power absorption