Dixell products

Dixell Controllers and Systems are able to give a right answer to any needs in refrigeration and conditioning applications:

  • Industrial refrigeration: industrial refrigeration requires the control of many different conditions to guarantee that products are processed and stored correctly. Temperature, pressure and humidity must be kept under control with reliable devices that are also simple to manage
  • Commercial Refrigeration: In today’s modern supermarkets, control system technology for commercial refrigeration, both for cabinets and compressor racks, plays a fundamentally vital role, both for the designer and the consumer. The concepts of integration, remote access, energy savings and functional aesthetics are important considerations in this key field of refrigeration.
  • Food service & cooking: Dixell is equally competent in the field of cooking, just as it is in the field of refrigeration or blast chiller processes used in freshly-cooked food conservation. Dixell’s solutions to the recent introduction of food hygiene regulations (HACCP) offer immediate advantages in terms of cost, time and operation of systems.
  • Air-conditioning: The comfort of the environment in which we live nowadays is an essential element of our everyday life, and air conditioning is a decisive factor in this situation. Unlike the past, it is no longer a luxury, and it has become a necessity. Equipment and controllers are becoming more and more effective and offer wide installation possibilities with reduced costs and according to expectations.



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