Dixell Electronic controllers and systems

Dixell has been developing and producing electronic measurement- and controlling systems for more than 20 years. Research, innovation and years of experience make Dixell an avant-garde for controlling systems as well as remote maintenance systems in refrigeration technology, catering markets and air conditioning.

Measuring, testing, localizing errors, correcting, alarming... wireless, via telephone, automatically, individually, everything is possible. A sales network in over 70 countries guarantees outstanding customer services. Qualified consulting and after-sales-support ensure highly satisfied customers.

Dixell offers specific solutions and wide product-ranges such as thermostats, multifunctional controllers, remote maintenance systems plus a HACCP-compliant call center for centralized systems.

Each product is made to work energy efficiently, to reduce costs and to be eco-friendly. To satisfy the customers needs Dixell offers premium, user friendly and efficient solutions. Dixell regulators and systems manage unit requirements and fulfil latest hygienic regulations. Dixell units are designed according to user's requirements: For showcases, counters, cold storage cells and multicompressor refrigeration systems as well as for retrofitting and refitting, food products- and chiller sector.

  • 8000 sq m production plant
  • 2300 sq m offices
  • Controllers for temperature- and cooling units
  • HACCP-solutions
  • Internet remote maintenance systems
  • Flashfreezer
  • Controllers for chillers
  • Controllers for thermal heat pumps
  • Tie-in controllers
  • Controllers for humidity and pressure