Dimensions w x h x l:0 x 0 x 0 mm
Weight net:0.58 kg
Power supply:230 VAC
Display digits:3
Sensor input thermostat:PTC/Pt 1000
Sensor input defrost:PTC/Pt 1000
Sensor input for display:PTC/Pt 1000
Sensor input auxiliary relay 1:PTC/Pt 1000
Relay output compressor:5 A
Relay output defrost:16 A
Relay output fan:8 A
Relay output alarms:8 A
Relay auxiliary:8 A
Light on/off:16 A
  • Energy saving mode config.
  • ON / OFF config.
  • Defrost config.
  • Auxiliary config.
  • Pressure switch config.
  • Alarm mode config.
  • Holiday mode config.
  • Hot key/Prog tool kit output
  • Remote display output
  • Serial output RS485
  • Real time clock
  • Serial line connection to monitoring systems
  • Hot Key or Prog tool kit connector for a quick and easy programming
  • Multifunction controllers for multiplexed applications
  • Multi-master devices (XM400/600)
  • Each slave module can be driven and set through a unique keyboard held by the master unit (XM400/600)
  • Up to 5 controllers linked for XM400 series and up to 8 for XM600 series
  • Integrated electronic expansion valve drive (XM600)
  • Virtual probe management (XM600)
  • 10VA max power absorption
  • Display with red LED (13,2 mm high), (10,5mm and icons for CX format)
  • Internal Real Time Clock
  • Superheat adaptive control
  • Integrated ON/OFF or stepper electronic expansion valve drive
  • Anti-sweat heater management through a "DEW POINT"
  • Virtual probe management
  • Evaporating fans speed management via PWN or 4÷20mA/0÷10V