gas leak detecor

The gas detectors of the MRLDS series from Dixell are designed for constant monitoring of a possible gas leak, provide up-to-date measured values ​​and enable rapid intervention. System downtimes and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, safety is increased and potential loss due to refrigerant leaks is reduced.

These sensors are also suitable for remote monitoring via Bluetooth® and XWEB monitoring systems. The MRLDS sensors are the ideal solution for refrigeration applications such as Supermarkets, refrigerated storage centers or cold rooms.

The MRLDS series is not only used in commercial refrigeration, but also in HVAC applications, where chillers, heat pumps and other typical components of air conditioning systems are used. The sensors are available for many different gases, e.g. CO2, propane, R449A, ... The devices are also suitable for very low temperatures (-40 ° C to + 50 ° C), are available in degree of protection IP41 and IP66 and have 3 relays for alarms and switching on a fan for forced ventilation.


October 2020