Warranty Claim

Our highly defined goal is to deliver you flawless high quality products. Nevertheless it may happen that occasionally there are issues that lead to complaints. To ensure you the fastest possible processing of your case we politely ask you for compliance by following aspects:

Within the first 24 months of delivery

  1. Immediate report at CI GmbH Control Instruments
  2. We politely ask you to complete our warranty claim and send it to quality@dixell.de. You will receive a RMA-number for further processing. If you are going to send us back defective products the number has to be big and visible on the outside of the return. Please note that returns without a RMA-number won’t be accepted and will be sent back to the consignor who will be charged.

Installation flaws and disregard of environmental conditions

Our products are B2B products which require a professional installation. The operating insturction define the local conditions as well as the criteria for the installation. The reimbursement of cost of already built-in defective goods needs a thorough examination.

  • We require sufficient documented protocols including further informations. (Pictures, etc.)
  • We reserve the right of appraisal to get the issue inspected by our partner company Cool + Call GmbH.
  • If it should transpire that the fixed issue isn’t factory-made we reserve the right that the incurred costs will be charged by the customer. A considerable administrative effort will be also charged in a separate invoice.