XWEB EVO The Scalable Solution

In today's world, quality assurance and the corresponding reaction time in the event of a deviation from the expected conditions play an important role. This can be implemented technically by using remote monitoring systems. Particularly in the food sector, remote monitoring of refrigeration systems is an indispensable means. It ensures that the temperature of the food always remains within the safe range.

DIXELL/Emerson offers monitoring and recording solutions for retail and HVAC/R with EVO technology. XWEB EVO is the new generation of recording and monitoring systems for all types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. New tools allow easy analysis of the running systems, even from a distance, and intuitive commissioning of the new systems. The newly designed web-based user interface offers numerous configuration options and requires no special software installation.

XWEB EVO has been designed to achieve both direct and indirect savings: direct through continuous monitoring and active optimisation, indirect through alarms and remote maintenance.

February 2017