XWEB EVO update 5.6.0

In the course of the continuous improvement of our products and the associated focus on the needs of the market, we are pleased to announce the new software version 5.6.0 for our monitoring systems Dixell XWEB EVO.

The update includes a new format for alarm emails and some important improvements regarding cyber security. Dixell recommends installing this update. Version 5.6.0 contains very useful improvements to the alarm emails: The emails now contain a list of active alarms for all devices. The last alarm email received gives an overview of the status of the entire system. In the new version 5.6.0, profiles for user logins are separate from those that should receive messages from XWEB (e.g. alarm email, HACCP report). In this way, all users can be given exactly the access rights that are necessary. This increases the overall security of the system. The address book for XWEB message recipients can be imported or exported. There are different formats such. B. VCF (Virtual Card Format) or vCard possible.


April 2020